Dragonball Super Card Game Regionals

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・Championship Pack 2018 : 5 packs
・Event Pack : 3 packs
・Tournament pack vol.4 : 1 pack
・Top Loader : 1
・Exclusive play mat


1st Place:
・Championship Pack 2018 : 30 packs
・Event Pack : 30 packs
・Top Placers play mat
2nd Place:
・Championship Pack 2018 : 20 packs
・Event Pack : 20 packs
・Top Placers play mat
3rd Place:
・Championship Pack 2018 : 15 packs
・Event Pack : 15 packs
・Top Placers play mat
4th-8th Place:
・Championship Pack 2018 : 10 packs
・Event Pack : 10 packs
・Top Placers play mat
9th-16th Place:
・Championship Pack 2018 : 5 packs
・Event Pack : 5 packs
・Tournament pack vol.4 : 2 packs
・Top Placers play mat
Top Placer:
・Championship Pack 2018 : 5 packs
・Event Pack : 2 packs
・Tournament pack vol.4 : 2 packs

For more information about the National Championship and prizes, please visit:

There will be a strict no refund policy on this event, please make sure before registering that you will be able to attend.
You may not pass down your ticket to another indivdual.
All tickets are non refundable and non transferable.

This event will be live streamed on www.twitch.tv/ProPlayGamesLIVE

Check out the official Facebook event page for any questions or concerns!

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